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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  September 21, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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impact she had here. that kicks off at 7:00 p.m. tonight and was organized by student leaders gathering to remember dominique frazier. dominique westampton death by her roommate alexa simpson after they got into an argument about music playing from an ipod. even though it has been a week since this deadly stabbing happen, students say there is a somber mood around campus. >> she was alive. she was real energetic type person. she was cool. i really did not know her that well. it makes the school look bad. it is not good for the school. this is a good school. not a whole lot of fights and nobody dies up here. >> bail was denied to alexis
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simpson. she has another court appearance. i will have more tonight on this vigil. >> the search continues for the person who shot a man near a busy playground in a beverly neighborhood. the 30-year-old victim was shot around 4:30 p.m. yesterday. that is near waverly elementary. the man died early this morning at johns hopkins hospital. no word on a possible motive. >> of 14-year-old boy finds himself in serious trouble after he allegedly pointed a laser. it happened night -- last night and it turns out he is among a half-dozen people who used a laser to interfere with police activity. kim dacey is live in pikesville. >> the state police helicopter was assisting county police in searching for a person at the time of the incident.
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now they are facing numerous charges including reckless endangerment and attempted second-degree assault. >> we saw the flashing light come through the cockpit. we thought it was lightning. we noticed there is a green beam coming from a house. >> that is when the flight paramedic realized he and his pilot had been lasered. they hovered over the top until police got there. >> it eliminates everything when it hits the com -- cockpit. in the air and the cockpit, it is pretty bright. >> it takes away their site for a few seconds. dangerous while you're in the air especially during critical flight times like takeoff and landing. >> potentially it could be catastrophic. the effects it has to be the
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difference between life and death. >> it is a growing problem. this is the second case this year involving a juvenile. there have been six toll from two last year. >> it is frequency and the uneducated person. it does not -- they do not understand what this does to our flight crew. >> he is hoping to get that message out. this is a serious offense backed by federal and state laws. the 14-year-old is facing numerous charges as a juvenile but he hopes the lesson is learned by everyone with a laser pointer. >> we do not want this to happen again. the incident we have had so far have been minimal. we do not want to be standing here in the future when someone is injured or an aircraft has had damage. the potential exists for that. >> after he was processed, the boy was released to the custody of his parents. state police are hoping the legislation comes soon that
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would make this crime a felony. >> you may have heard that famous's disaster relief fund is running dry and a showdown over replenishing the fund is raising the prospect of a government shutdown. sally kidd has more on that story. >> that debate took place on the house floor this afternoon. each side accusing the other of playing politics with crucial disaster relief funding. the debate got heated in the house. >> while you not dealing with an adequate solution to this problem? >> the gentleman from georgia -- >> the funding urgently needed to allow fema to continue providing relief to victims of hurricane irene and other
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natural disasters. >> the most stingy, short sighted, poorest former president of government i have seen. >> republicans have attached the aid to a bill that must pass or the government will shut down. >> there is not one person who is saying no to americans in distress. >> we have lots -- offset more than half of the disaster emergency relief bills we have passed. >> the senate passed a stand- alone measure providing $7 billion. >> what the house republicans want to do is insufficient. they're going to block it. harry reid said we're not going to cave. >> leaders say their confident a compromise can be reached and a government shutdown avoided. >> late this afternoon, the house rejected that measure.
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it is not clear what the next move will be. >> the fiscal year and pretty soon. how much work has congress gotten done on spending bills they fund the government? >> they have yet to pass any of the 12 appropriations bills that are needed to keep the government running. what they need is a stop-gap measure to keep things going until they can agree on what to do about the spending bills. >> i am sure you will continue to follow that. president obama was in new york today where he told the un general assembly palestinians deserve a state to call their own but say that can come from direct talks with israel, not the security council. you can hear his plea following this broadcast. >> the legislation was introduced by maryland
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congressman elijah cummings and rep. it is designed to help the postal service return to profitability. it would allow for facility lease-leasing. it would help ensure excellent performance and correct overpayments made to the postal service's retirement system. >> any increase in tax collection adds $195 million to the state's general fund. the state comptroller said the increase was seen in the first half of the fiscal year. sales tax was lower because of slower growth. the board of revenue estimates -- expects $14.10 billion. because of the volatile economy, officials should be cautious when preparing the state's budget. >> a local catholic elementary school has adopted the montessori method of learning.
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students are given the freedom to learn at their own pace in a non-traditional classroom setting. we have more on this story. this is amazing change. >> it is especially for catholic schools in the baltimore archdiocese. at st. pius brenman 10, 3-and four year olds are learning at their own pace. it is by design. >> instead of the chilled -- teacher having to grapple with how direct address that class and address the needs of each child, she focuses on the individual child and enables him to have lessons and engage in work that will further their development. >> the approach in no way leaves out the basics or overlooks the catholics will the mission. it will go a long way toward helping develop children
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academically and socially and that is why some have supported the change. >> they can embrace one skill and they graduate from there to move on. for him, it was perfect because he can learn at his own pace. once the master something, he can move on. we do not have to wait. >> it will take some time for students and teachers to make the adjustment. >> it was a big change going from teaching regular education to montessori but i was in training for the year. i have a lot of time to practice last year. i am still getting used to the new program and all of the ins and outs of it. >> same press is making plans to expand its program next year. there are 45 students in the program at st. pius. >> there is much more news ahead
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on 11 news at 6:00 p.m. >> why the greater baltimore area may not be the best place to get a breath of fresh air. i will explain, coming up. >> the ravens training camp may need a mvp performance to keep the offense together. we will tell you why. >> some rain on the way. it is the seven-day forecast coming up next. baltimore under cloudy skies, 73 at the
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>> it turns out we may be the dirtiest city on the east coast, at least talking about our air. >> the high levels can have one
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fortune and health consequences. we have the findings of this report. >> the report which was released by the group environment maryland said the baltimore metro area has some of the dirtiest air in the country at least when it comes to smog. not just those with asthma or breathing problems are affected. according to the report, we all are. members of internment maryland share the results of their air quality report wednesday. according to the report, the news is not good. >> our message is clear. marylanders deserve clean air. on far too many days, children and seniors in the baltimore area and across maryland are exposed to dangerous pollution. >> in 2010 there were 33 days in which it was dangerous to breathe and six of those days where rattler days which
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compose -- can pose serious health risks. this summer, we had 23 dangerous days. the report -- report said baltimore ranks no. 1 as the smoggiest metro area on the east coast and six in the nation. a professor with the university of maryland's school of nursing said the areas poor air quality is concerning for asthmatic pregnant women and their babies. >> many times my asthmatic patients would come into my office wheezing or reported they had to use their inhalers more frequently. especially during the summer when you are likely to have higher levels of air pollution. >> the bottom line is more needs to be done on the federal and state levels to combat the problem. while steps have been taken, smog seems to be the biggest issue which comes from cars rather than power plants which the law emphasizes on.
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the report also shows that a lot of the problems in this area concerning our air are caused by surrounding areas rather than the greater baltimore area. the top five cities in this report were in california. no. 7 was the d.c. area, 8, philadelphia, nine houston, and 10, georgia. we're live at federal hill. >> now your 11 insta-weatherplus forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer prefecture's moving toward the baltimore area. the rain coming in from virginia. also from the west. all that will truck -- track through the area. those rain chances will increase. this will look different over the next couple days. the bulk of the rain is to the
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south in the carolinas. further west toward ohio and western pennsylvania. at the airport, nothing measurable at the airport. temperatures in check below the normal high of 76. 70 in storage town -- stewardstown. at oakland in the low 60's. the rain chances increasing as we head through tonight. the son goes down at 7:06 p.m. >> and new front coming in. this is also working south and east. it is not just the front that will slide in. the weather system will be crowding in to the south and east over the mid-elected. that increases rain chances.
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a few scattered showers in the morning and some scattered showers, maybe it's under to the south tomorrow afternoon. the heaviest rain developing for friday around the bay on to the eastern shore. you can see that band of storms and thundershowers. over the weekend, we have some rain in the area. we have also seen a few breaks in the clouds. it is looking like we will have a mix of sun and clouds through the weekend and that would generate some scattered afternoon storms. the wettest of the next few days would be friday. clouds and scattered showers, south winds and temperatures from 74 to 79. a five-to-10 not raise. -- knot breeze. gusts to 70.
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1,450 miles from san juan. it is expected it will stay a tropical storm. this is not expected to become a hurricane. a healthy tropical storm as we head into the weekend and passing to the north of the paniola and pr -- es;a k \ / and puerto rico. it looks like it will stay out at the atlantic for the next few days. fall beginning after 5:00 a.m. scattered showers in the afternoon and some son of the weekend. the rain chances diminishing monday and tuesday. partly cloudy skies the middle of next week. this is 11 sports. >> three weeks into the season and injuries continue to be a
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growing problem. the starting defensive linemen missed practice today. if those injuries winker, it will make it that much harder for joe flacco to recover. joe flacco knows that all eyes will land on him. they get a one day practice advance this week since the rams played monday night. >> it is nice to get them on a short week. it is an advantage. in the nfl when you can get beat up week to week. we will take that when we can get it. >> the eagles will have a starting quarterback against the new york giants named mike. beyond that they have little certainty. michael vick needs to pass a battery of concussion tests following his injury on sunday
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before he could return to our game lineup. the late season schedule has interest in drama. the orioles helped boston get through its late-season slide with a win. lechler gave the bill before the game. that does not mean automatic entry into the postseason. prius gives gonzales in double play. the capped the inning going. in the eighth inning, offering a five-out saving opportunity. the clutch double and unloads the basis. red sox lead over tampa in the wild-card chase. two and a half game margins with the yankees losing. john lennon would be the only
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judge to keep meta world peace in the "dancing with the stars" competition. run our test finished with the lowest score of any of the contestants but he did not sound that disappointed as the fox trot and around the issue of losing. >> i did not -- i made new york one to step guide. all that will be so much fun. i had a blast. >> i am a new york step one-to kind of guy. i have always thought of myself that way, too. we will be back after this.
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x postal workers deliver a response to a elijah cummings's plan. if you become injured or sick, social security disability benefits are usually there to ease the burden. it seems to could be denied even if your doctor says you are disabled. we investigate. we will have these stories for you and more tonight. you and more tonight.
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>> the rain threatened and i turned it back and it did not rain. >> that is impressive. >> a lot of work to do here. the showers are moving in our direction. it will not be raining all the time. just scattered hit and miss showers. greeting the new season with a shower or thunderstorm. also that 30% chance of a shower. >> that is a look at the news. >> nbc nightly news is next.
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